2022-2023 Calendar

Rehearsal Schedule

Monday, January 2

General Cast Rehearsal (6-8:30 PM) 

Wednesday, January 4

General Cast Rehearsal (6-8:30 PM) 

Thursday, January 5

Speaking Parts ONLY (6-8:30 PM) 

Friday, January 6

Pizza Party (5:30 PM) 
Dress Rehearsal (7 PM)
Ice Cream Social (after Rehearsal)

Sunday, January 8

Pageant Presentation (calltime 4 PM, show 6 PM)
Cast Party/ VIP Reception (after show)

General rehearsals will meet in the PAC and use Parish Hall for small groups, then meet in the Sanctuary for a full rehearsal.

Workshops and other Events

April 4  Marketing, Website, Ticket Promotions (7 PM)

May 2  Fundraising (7 PM)

June 6  Script writing (7 PM)

July 11  Recruiting, October BHP Weekend (7 PM)

Aug. 8  Staging, Lighting Cues, Sets, Livestream Direction (7 PM)

Sept. 12  Technology, Sound, Livestream Tech, Light Team (7 PM)

Oct. 3  Parties: Pizza, Ice Cream, Cast Party, VIP (7 PM)

Oct. 8-9  Recruitment Weekend after all Masses

Nov. 7  All Hands Meeting (7 PM)

Dec. 4  Costume Fittings (9AM-4PM)

Dec. 10-11  Ticket Sales after all Masses

Dec. 11  Costume Fittings  (9AM-4PM)

Dec. 18  Costume Fittings  (9AM-4PM)