Cast Roles for the Boar’s Head Pageant 

Children’s Roles

Christmas Sprite: ages 6-10 years old (1 costume) 

Angels and Starlets: ages 2-8 years old (16 Angel and 6 Starlet costumes)  Teen Angel/Starlet helpers ages 12-15 ( 3 costumes) 

Sprites: ages 5-9 years old (12 costumes) 

Teen Sprite helpers ages 12-16 (4 costumes) 

Jesters: ages 10-17 years old (10 costumes/some of them need to be  replaced) 

Tumblers: ages 8-17 years old (usually provide their own outfits but we do  have 3 girl tumbler costumes and 4 boy tumbler costumes) We sometimes  use these for the Jester roles. 

Shepherds: ages 2-17 years old (8 costumes) 

Girl Kitchen workers: ages 7-15 years old (6 costumes available) Princesses: ages 7-12 years old (3 current costumes and one new one) 

Prince: ages 9-12 years old (1 costume but I would like to add another;  we have material to make another prince costume if we want) 

Royal Page: ages 8-14 years old (1 costume/male or female) Squires: ages 7-12 years old (3 costumes/male or female) Girl Dancers: ages 10-17 years old (12 costumes)

Adult Roles:  

King and Queen 

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus 

Governess: 1 costume       Monks: 2 costumes       Lords: 6 costumes        Ladies: 6 costumes 

Royal Presenter          Yule Page Announcer BHP Announcer          Boar’s Head Herald 

Banner Bearers: 4 

Shepherd Announcer        Adult Shepherds: 22 costumes Swiss Guard: 10 costumes 

Candle Bearers: 6 costumes 

Palace Workers (head cook, Cook, etc): 9 costumes 

Boar’s Head Bearers: 2 costumes    Hunters: 4 costumes Female Minstrels: 13 costumes     Male Minstrels: 2 costumes Mother Angel          Adult Angel Helpers: 3 costumes     Christmas Star           Mother Sprite 

Green/Blue/Purple Magi Kings       

Green Magi: 1 female attendant and 3 male/female attendant costumes Blue Magi: 1 female attendant and 3 male/female attendant costumes Purpler Magi: 2 female attendant and 2 male/female attendant costumes