Boar’s Head Pageant Cast Roles

Children’s Roles

Christmas Archangel – This character starts and ends the show, 1 Role

Angels and Starlets help bring the Shepherds to the Star

(Ages 2-8 years old, or Teen Angels ages 12-15)

Sprites bring in the Yule Log and do a youthful circle around it.

(Ages 5-9 years old, or Teen helpers 12-16)

Jesters have fun, loud costumes and bring joy and laughter with their silly antics. (Ages 10-17 years old)

Tumblers join the Jesters and show off their acrobatic skills. (Ages 8-17 years old)

Shepherds come in from the field, following the Angels and the star. (Ages 2-17 years old)

Girl Kitchen workers come in with the Royal Family to the Boar’s Head Feast and carry baskets of food. (ages 7-15 years old)

Princesses and Princes come with the Royal Family at the Feast. (ages 7-12 years old)

Yule Page introduces many acts during the Feast. Speaking Part. (ages 8-14 years old) 1 Role

Squires attend the Feast. (ages 7-12 years old)

Girl Dancers entertain at the Feast by doing a dance routine with ribbons and beautiful skirts. (ages 10-17 years old))

Adult Roles:

King and Queen are the hosts of the Royal Feast. Speaking Parts.

Protagonist/Cousin is a royal guest from afar. Speaking Part. 

Boar’s Head Herald is the emcee of the Feast and sings. Speaking Part.  

Swiss Guards march in formation and take their places guarding the church during the show. (10 Men)            

Assorted Attendees at the Feast include a Governess (1), Monks (2),  Palace Workers (9), Banner Bearers (4), Boar’s Head Bearers (2), Candle Bearers (6), Hunters (4)

Mother Sprite (1) Leads the Sprites and the Yule Log circle to entertain the Court. 

Minstrels entertain the court by singing a song, some play musical instruments. 

Lords and Ladies entertain the Court with a simple dance. (6 Couples)

Shepherd Announcer announces the story of the Nativity. Speaking Part. (1)

Shepherds come in from the field, following the Angels and the star.  (22) 

Mother Angel (1) and Adult Angel Helpers (3) help take care of the little angels backstage and guide them to find the shepherds.      

Christmas Star (1) brings in the star and tours the church to light the star on the manger. 

Green/Blue/Purple Magi Kings and attendees sing and bring the gifts to the Christ Child. Preferred to have Magi Kings sing in English, Spanish, and Igbo. Each Magi has up to 4 attendants.

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are the Holy Family. Babies range from 4 weeks to 8 months.